Brew Guides

Use a higher brew temp and finer grind size than you usually use for specialty beans.

Recommended brew methods

  • Espresso
  • Moka pot
  • Aeropress
  • Cloth filter
  • French press



Ratio (coffee:yield): 1:2.5

Time: 27s

Water temp: 200f 

For black, we like to add 0.5-1oz of hot water to the espresso to open it up and bring out more nuanced flavors.

Moka pot

The amount of coffee is for Moka pot size = 3 cups.

Coffee: 18g

Grind size: Fine salt

Water: Pour hot water to just below the notch

The brew: Put the assembled pot on the stovetop at medium heat. Once you hear the bubbling sound, remove the pot from the stovetop and run the bottom chamber under cold tap water to stop the brewing. Add a little bit of hot water or milk.


Coffee: 9g

Grind size: Fine salt

Water: 45g

Water temp: 208F+

Method: Inverted

The brew: Bloom coffee with 18g of water. Stir and wait for 45s. Once the timer hits 45s, pour in the rest of the water, stir, put on the cap with a paper filter, and let it brew for another 1:15m. Invert and slowly press until you hear the hissing sound. Add 0.5-1oz of hot water.

Cloth filter

We love using a cloth filter like Nel drip for a richer cup.

Coffee: 30g

Grind size: Fine salt 

Water: 400g

Water temp: 208F+

The pour: Pour in a spiral from the center to the edge. Bloom with 60g of water for 45s. After that, pour in the remaining water (340g).

French press

Coffee: 30g

Water: 450g

Water temp: 208F+

The press: Press when the timer hits 5:30 mins. Pour immediately.