About Us

Hello from us, so you don't feel like you're buying coffee from unknown sketchy people.

We started this company because we see deserted lands resulting from deforestation followed by exploitative farming, and we want to bring them back to life. These once-beautiful places hold so many potentials--good food, climate solution, and equity. We see coffee as a way to bring everyone together to make this happen. Our coffee is regeneratively grown in an agroforestry system that brings steady, diverse incomes to farmers. We also directly pay farmers 4-5x Fairtrade price.

But we don't want to drink crappy coffee to save trees either.

Since our past lives as software engineers, good coffee keeps us happily humming along. That's why at Weaving Coffee, we work to make sure we bring awesome coffee to you. Hope our coffee makes your morning more delicious.

Por & Yui

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