About Our Coffee

Typical espresso is often too sour or bitter. We grow, process, and roast our coffee to produce a more balanced, nuanced shot, emphazing sweetness, depth, and body.

  • "Makes an excellent Latte. Solid flavor comes through that balances nicely with the milk. Nice and smooth, not too bitter!"

    - Miranda Van Minnen

  • "I used this to make pourover coffee, and it tasted great! Really smooth and pleasant flavor, I enjoyed this a lot."

    - Kevin Xu

  • "TL;DR: It's a solid wholesome brew....The flavors danced from a bittersweet chocolate to a warm autumn cherry, finally resting on a wholesome caramel finish. From small sips to big gulps you'll find new ways to experience these flavors...."

    - Anthony Do

Our partner farm, an in-conversion agroforestry farm in Kaokaen, Thailand

Our Mission

Through coffee agroforestry and deep collaborations with farmers, we aim to restore degraded agricultural land back to produce unique and satisfying coffee.

Photo: Work in progress. Part of our partner farm in Kaokaen, Thailand is transforming from a conventional monoculture farm to an agroforestry farm.