Restoring the land through growing delicious food.

Dark and smooth coffee that’s not boring.

Flavorful with extra rich mouthfeel, unlike any dark roasts you’ve ever had before.

Behind the Beans

A heartbreaking satellite image of the area near our partner farms shows lush green forests interspersed with brown patches from tropical forest clearings to grow monoculture crops.

Our Approach

  • Direct supply chain with precise traceability

    Enable impacts monitoring by tracing supply to the growing location of at most 5 sq. mi., instead of the commonly-used large growing region.

  • Multi-layered agroforestry

    Maximize space and biodiversity to yield better farm revenues, resilience, and carbon sequestration than monoculture farms.

  • Phenomenal coffee from heat/disease-tolerant varieties

    Keep your coffee flowing in the face of climate change with these deliciously strong varieties.

So. Got looming deadline, have an alpine start, or just want a liveable planet in case Mars is not yet ready?

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