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10oz Whole Bean Coffee

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A Smooth Ride of Flavors

Trailblazer is based on a unique coffee from our partner agroforestry farm in Kaokaen, Thailand. The tasting note starts with mellow spiced cherry jam, slowly enveloped by a thick layer of dark chocolate. It ends with warm caramel that lingers after each sip.

Pulling A Shot

Our beans are different and require higher brew temp than most coffee in the market. The parameters below are recommended starting points. Adjustments might be needed due to differences between machines and taste preferences. When drinking black, we like to open up the shot with a tiny amount of hot water. It also works incredibly well with milk and alternatives.

Ratio (coffee:yield): 1:2

Time: 27s

Water temp: 200f 

Other recommended brew methods: Moka pot, Cloth filter, French press, Aeropress

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